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Seagull Research Community (SRC)

Welcome to the Seagull Research Community, a cross border research and knowledege sharing platform among scholars, where you will learn about its impact and benefits in details.

What is SRC?

Seagull Research Community (SRC) is an online based Freelance International Research Platform for scholars.

Why SRC?

To faciliate the scientific research among scholars and share knowledege among researchers between developing and developed countries SRC plays an important role by contacting and providing support for all its members.

How SRC works?

SRC is an online Research and Freelance Research Project Monitoring Platform for Researchers. Who want to get help about monitoring a research project, translation services, language services, and knowledge sharing services SRC links between them. For example, two SRC registered scholars, one of them from Asia and another one from Europe. You would be appreciated that Europe is better than Asia in Education and Economics due to the Science and Technology. So, we link between a person from Asia and a person from Europe in a platform for sharing knowledge about a specific subject or research project, we think there will happen a good impact for both of the persons and their countries as well.

What is researchers benefit?

There are several benefits of Researchers who registered with SRC.

  • You can get paid by sharing your knowledge, translating a manuscript (e.g. Bengali to English),     helping someone's research project to make the project more qualified and scientific.
  • You can work as a volunteer also.
  • You can add your all published books and articles to your profile which is visible for all members who     visit our website.
  • You can impower a nation by directing, engaging yourself with their research project, SRC helps     linking between this.
  • You can earn money with helping and sharing knowlwdge, monitoring research project from     developing countries.

  • What is societies benefit?

    Seagull Research Community is introduced to help the developing countries to be forwarded in scientific Education and Research. We think if researchers engage with SRC societies will be benefitted much. We can only know about a thing while it is discussed. So, SRC is the platform of Discussion, knowing about each other.

    How to register with SRC?

    Do you want to help other counties by sharing your knowledge to someone's research project in your specialty and want to get paid? Register with SRC.
    You can help researchers to their research project as a volunteer too.

    What to do after SRC registration?

    Keep your profile up to date. Let other people know either you are available for Paid or Voluntary work. Bid project submitted by other people. Follow the Ethical Obligation by SRC. Publish blog with trending educational issues and attract researchers to hire you for their project. Let people know which SRC services you providing to others.