International Journal of Tax Economics and Management

Submission Guidelines

Online submission with IJTEM

To Rapid the review process, authors are required to submit the manuscript in accordance with the format as in TEMPLATE

Once the manuscript and figures are comply with the format, it is ready to be submitted directly to the Online Submission System

The corresponding author should be familiar with the IJTEM's editorial policies and is solely responsible for communicating with the journal and managing communication between coauthors. Before submission, the corresponding author ensures that all authors are included in the author list and agree with its order, and that they are aware the manuscript is to be submitted. For more information please review our Guide to Authors.

To submit a paper to IJTEM, or check up on the progress with a submission follow the instructions below-

The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.

Cover letter

Although optional, the cover letter is an excellent opportunity to briefly discuss the importance of the submitted work and why it is appropriate for the journal. Please avoid repeating information that is already present in the abstract and introduction. The cover letter is not shared with the referees, and should be used to provide confidential information such as conflicts of interest and to declare any related work that is in press or submitted elsewhere.

Main manuscript

The IJTEM is flexible with regard to the format of initial submissions. Within reason, style and length will not influence consideration of a manuscript. If revisions are requested, the editor will provide detailed formatting instructions at that time. To facilitate the review process however, we strongly encourage you to incorporate the manuscript text and figures into a single pdf or Microsoft Word file.


Times New Roman; Size-16; Line Spacing: 1.5 line; Paragraph Spacing: Before paragraph-0.5 line; after paragraph-0.5 line; Center. Titles must fit on two lines in print (75 characters including spaces for Articles and 90 for Letters) and should avoid technical terms, abbreviations and active verbs.

Length of paper

Length of 3000-6000 words is preferred. But maybe longer if necessary.

Acknowledgements (optional)

Keep acknowledgements brief and do not include thanks to anonymous referees or editors, or effusive comments. Grant or contribution numbers may be acknowledged.

Materials & Correspondence:

Indicate the author to whom correspondence and material requests should be addressed.


Each table should be accompanied by a short title sentence describing what the table shows. Further details can be included as footnotes to the table.

Author contributions

You must include a statement that specifies the individual contributions of each co-author.


These may only contain citations and should list only one publication with each number. Include the title of the cited article or dataset.

Email Submission

It is noted that we recommend authors to submit their articles through online submission. Because it is very effective and easy to use the online submission. You will be able to trace your paper online and the editor panel can view your paper easily with an online submission. Use this form for email submission if any you face problem while submitting your paper through online. You will get a paper ID within two days after your email submission. If you don't get a Paper ID kindly contact us to-
Please click here to download the email submission form. Fill it and send with your manuscript to-

Online Submission

Online submission is very much effective than email submission we prefer you to submit your paper through online.....